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Contact information:
Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 5-12,
10120 Tallinn,
Fax (+372) 6416 025

About Us

Craftchart was founded in 2003 by people experienced in shipping for more than 16 years.

Our main activities are the  chartering and ship management of fleet of two ships in the range of 3000 dwcc concentrated mostly in European waters.

We also provide technical management services for shipowners and operators.

It is our honour to have partners amongst leading timber, steel, grain shippers and importers.

Our aim is to be flexible and reasonable in the performance of shipments to meet the needs of our clients.

Today Craftchart has become a self-evident partner for those who want to have their cargo to be transported at a competitive freight rate.

It is always our pleasure to deal with your inquiries in efficient and operative manner that saves your precious time and efforts.

We are happy to offer you the most adequate and professional solutions as well as the best price-performance ratio possible in the world where transport tends to be more and more complicated.

 Hoping it gets shorter and faster using our assistance.

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